Product care

The recycled leather we use in our products is a stain resistant, highly durable and fade resistant fabric. Like genuine leather it can crease (you may find creases in the leather due to the product being folded during shipping) but this is easily fixed by placing a cloth or towel over the creased area and gently ironing over it. Alternatively you can iron the bag from the inside out, using the lining material to protect the leather.

The recycled leather is strong and cleanable and has all the best characteristics of leather without the negative environmental impact of producing leather. If for any reason you need to clean the leather or cotton areas of your product simply wipe down with a damp soft cloth (like microfiber) then allow the product to dry. You can use some very diluted baby wash. Never apply cleaning agent directly to the product. For tougher stains you can try some very diluted alcohol. Make sure never to apply directly on the product and use a soft cloth to apply. Test on an inconspicuous area of the product first.

Marks on the fabric sections of the bag can be washed carefully using soap and water.

If you have any other questions please contact us.